Other - Codyscapes
Hello! I am Cody Wilson.  I live in Portland, OR and like to take pictures in my free time.  I made this site as a way to document my exploration and to share my adventures. 


I bought my first DSLR in 2011.  Since then, I quickly learned that landscape photography was my true passion.  It’s been an amazing experience as I feel the world has changed since buying my first camera.  Colors are more vivid, my appreciation for art has grown and my perception of reality has expanded.


What’s an about me page without a picture? Here’s one with my friend Lucy. When we took this, Lucy was three and already knew how to smile for the camera and take a bow. In the picture, she wrapped her trunk around me and she “kissed” my face. It left a slime and smelled of bananas for about an hour. It was unpleasantly warm.