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TIpsoo Surprise

TIpsoo Surprise

My boss and a friend of mine packed up from work around 3:30 to head to Tipsoo Lake. My boss took care of planning and told us to just get in the car. My friend and I have never been to Tipsoo Lake, so we let my boss take care of driving. We're on the way to the lake and my boss pulls over and says, "Damn, I really should have put in the directions". Concerned, my friend and I look at our phones to pull up a map but find we don't have any service. A little upset, and with the sun starting to set behind the mountains, we trust in my boss to take us to the right place. He pulls over at a couple turnouts, runs to try to find information at each one and eventually, we find the right place.
We pile out of the car and start packing up. My boss tells us it would be a 1.5 mile hike in so we packed tents, food and all our gear. After about 15 minutes of packing up, we follow my boss up the trail. We momentarily pause at a small pond and take in the scene.
Boss looks up a couple surrounding peaks and decided we should head up one of them to get to the lake. We hike behind him for about 1km before we come to a road on the other side of a large ascent. Confused, we start to reassess and try to figure out where we're going. With light burning, we decided to go back to the small pond to take our sunset shots and then figure out the trail afterwards.
So, after hiking back down a kilometer, we get back to the pond to see another photographer there. We scramble to get our gear and join him on the bank with the amazing reflection. After the most chaotic five minutes of my life, the epic warm light fades to cool blue and shooting is done. We talk to the other photographer at the lake who informs us that the "pond" we are at is in fact our destination, Tipsoo Lake. Ha!
My boss was pretty embarrassed so he drove us back down the mountain and bought us a couple pitchers to celebrate the great shots. Overall, it was a great night despite only have a few minutes to find a shot.